Shaine Stuhlmuller, Data Entry & Outreach Coordinator

Shaine is a sophomore at Temple University majoring in Global Studies and minoring in Political Science. In addition to volunteering with Big Brothers Big Sisters and serving as an Honors Ambassador for her college, she most recently interned with a State Representative in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This past spring, Shaine had the opportunity to attend a service immersion program in El Paso, Texas to learn about immigration issues and the border crisis. Through speaking with judges, lawyers, nonprofits, border patrol, and immigrants, she gained a better understanding of the impact that administrative policy has on the ability to seek refuge in the United States. Hearing personal accounts of the conditions faced by refugees has strengthened her commitment to immigrants’ rights advocacy and her determination to pursue immigration policy in the future. In her free time, Shaine enjoys painting, drawing, and listening to music. She is very excited to work with AsylumConnect’s passionate team in providing meaningful services and support for LGBTQ+ asylum seekers!

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