Ryann Ersoff, 2021 Junior Board

Current Employer & Position Title: COVID-19 Resource App, Co-Founder/Developer

Years Served on Junior Board: 2021

Ryann Ashley (she/her) is the co-founder and developer of COVID-19 Resource App, a smartphone app she created alongside Charles Reed, the Director of Data & Analytics at SAP. The app, which provides vital aggregated resources categorized by need and location, was inspired by the government’s lack of appropriate response or aid at the height of the ongoing pandemic. She is passionate about AsylumConnect’s mission, coming from a family of Holocaust survivors who immigrated to America in hopes of fleeing persecution. She is a fourth-year student at American University, studying political science and media. Prior to this, she studied International Human Rights through programs at both Yale and Emory, fueling her interest in the experiences of asylum seekers and refugees as well as their often continued persecution in America. In the fall of 2021, she will be attending law school in preparation of becoming a civil rights attorney. Previously, she’s worked with organizations such as KCET, TEDx, LEAP for Education, Get Lit – Words Ignite, and more. 

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