Nina Seminara, 2021 Junior Board

Current Employer & Position Title: Ipsos, Research Analyst

Years Served on Junior Board: 2020, 2021 (Director of Marketing Committee)

Nina, now a Manhattanite, is a proud Buffalonian by birth. It was through a library program in her native city that she first connected with young refugee children, and from then on she set out to be an advocate and an ally. She studied Social Policy and International Studies at Northwestern University, focusing primarily on migration policy and law and serving as a fellow at the Buffet Institute’s Center for Forced Migration Studies. She then went on to receive a Masters in Sociology from the London School of Economics and Political Science, where she wrote a dissertation on the parallels between the social integration of Muslim women in British society and the inclusion of modest fashion in mainstream British fashion. Though she has also worked in law, she is currently a Research Analyst at Ipsos.

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