Nina Rosenblatt, Data Entry & Outreach Coordinator

Nina is currently working within the Housing Program at Sacred Heart Community Service (San Francisco Bay Area, California) to stabilize households under financial distress and prevent homelessness. She is a graduate of Brandeis University, where she studied Psychology and Hispanic Studies. She was born and raised in California and is committed to supporting low-income immigrant communities, especially those from México and Central America, because of the immigrants she grew up around. In 2018, she traveled to the U.S.-México border to meet with detained LBGTQ+ asylum seekers and realized that this intersectionality that often renders them invisible was something she wanted to explore further. She loves the idea of supporting these asylees through the AsylumConnect app, because it ensures their safety while helping them feel connected and stable. When she’s not doing migrant justice work through direct services and advocacy, you can find her baking, dancing, or listening to podcasts.

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