Marie-Esther Buh, Team Coordinator

Marie-Esther Buh is a recent graduate of Montclair State University, where they studied English Literature (with a concentration in African postcolonial literature) and Religious Studies. I have a passion for Cultural and Diversity studies always looking to understand the communities around me and how best I can learn from them. At Montclair State University I was very active in the Office for Social Justice and Diversity where I worked with a team of students to encourage and create a safe yet multicultural space.

Marie-Esther met Katie Sgarro at the Millennium Campus Conference where they first heard of AsylumConnect. As an active advocate for the LGBTQ community, Marie-Esther was hooked to be a part of this growing organization. She is best known for being very awkward and childish but yet so passionate with issues concerning inequality. Marie-Esther aspires to be just like her idol – Nelson Mandela who though shut from the world became the biggest #sidekick known in history.

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