Jacque Larrainzar

Jacque came to the U.S. from Mexico City, Mexico. In 1997, she became the first lesbian Mexican to win Asylum to the U.S. based on her sexual orientation. Since her arrival to the U.S., Jacque has worked to promote the Human Rights and civil rights of LGBTQI immigrants, refugees, and undocumented people all her adult life. She is known for her work with the City of Seattle on race equality, LGBTQI rights, women’s rights, indigenous rights, immigrants and refugees and the arts.

By day, Jacque works at Seattle Counseling Service (SCS) – the oldest LGBTQI agency of its kind in the world – conducting research on the barriers faced by immigrants, refugees and undocumented LGBTQI people to access behavioral health services. By night, she performs around the Northwest with her band Revolver Rock and continues to work to advance the Human Rights of all peoples, all the time.

Currently, Jacque is launching SCS’s Immigrant, Refugee and Undocumented Outreach Project. This project will seek to eliminate the barriers that currently prevent LGBTQI people from accessing behavioral healthcare services in Seattle as well as offer trainings on LGBTQ needs to organizations that work with the international community.

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