Erica Riley, NYC Junior Board

Current Employer & Position Title: Silberman School of Social Work at Hunter College, Graduate Student 

Erica is currently pursuing their Master’s of Social Work at Silberman School of Social Work with a concentration in community organizing, planning, and development. While in school, they have focused on mental health and substance use policy. This year they have had the opportunity to engage in advocacy efforts around both of those areas as part of their internship at The Coalition for Behavioral Health. Becoming more involved in advocacy efforts has helped Erica realize the significance and power of using their voice to help make change in policy areas that are important to them, such as removing barriers to health and mental health care for the LGBTQ community. Before starting graduate school, they worked as an equity compensation analyst for six years at Qlik Technologies, a business intelligence software company. In that role, Erica enjoyed working and partnering with people around the globe.  

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