Edvin Morales, Social Services & Outreach Coordinator Intern

Edvin is a current junior attending the University of Texas at Austin pursuing a degree in Government and Mexican American and Latina/o Studies with a certificate in Public Policy. His passion lies in political mobilization, community organizing, immigration reform and human rights advocacy. During the year, he spends most of his time interning and volunteering with different organizations that strive to help the immigrant community and advocate for equality for all. As a first-generation student, it is his goal in life to give back to his community that has always been there to support him and vows to continue to learn more about different ways to empower others. He currently resides both in the West Texas Panhandle and Austin, TX where he plans to finish his undergraduate studies before hopefully attending law school. Edvin admires the work of AsylumConnect and is excited to help the team and its mission!

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