Daniel Jones, PR Intern

Daniel Jones is a sophomore at Gettysburg College, originally from Blue Ridge, Virginia. At Gettysburg, Daniel is a double major in Religious Studies and Public Policy, with a double minor in Peace and Justice Studies and Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies. As he focuses on immigration law/policy in college, Daniel is also studying Arabic, and will be studying abroad in Jordan for a year in order to work in refugee camps and become more language-proficient. He has experience in resettlement/housing work, prison reformation lobbying, and foreign policy analysis. He is very interested in always maintaining a human-centered line of work in school and in his career, and he is very much a people person with that. Daniel is excited to be a part of the AsylumConnect team, and to be contributing as much as possible to the very crucial mission that the organization is trying to uphold around the country. Always feel free to reach out to him.

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