Anette Mei Rajander, Social Services & Outreach Coordinator Intern (English)

Anette Rajander is working with AsylumConnect as an intern this summer. She is a gender equality and social justice advocate, with a passion for advancing LGBTQ+ rights.

Anette is an undergraduate student studying Geography and Planning with the University of Liverpool. She is particularly interested in the use of web-based platforms to support social justice issues. These interests build on her experiences growing up in Cambodia and Myanmar where she volunteered with organizations working on community engagement and issues related to equality. This included volunteering at elementary schools in rural Myanmar, including to organize learning activities and to improve the learning environments of students.

In her spare time, Anette enjoys expanding her understanding about current global human rights and social justice issues. Having become increasingly aware of the possibilities offered by technology, she has and continues to learn more on how technology can support and connect individuals.

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