Alyssa Gorski, Data Entry & Outreach Coordinator

Alyssa is currently a junior at Utah Valley University, studying theatre arts. She has been performing since she was 6 and stage managing since she was 16. She works in her campus’ recycling department and recently created tools in order to help educate students and faculty about recycling more responsibly.

Originally from a small town near Seattle, Washington, she graduated high school in Utah and spent almost two years volunteering in Japan. She is now near-fluent in Japanese.

Alyssa has always been vocal about the injustices so many face today, but has wanted to actively make a difference. She is so excited for this opportunity to join the AsylumConnect team and do something more to help those in need.

She enjoys video games, board games, archery, and martial arts. She loves animals, and she and her husband have a cuddly boa constrictor named Fluffy.

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